Our Partners

growing strategic partnerships worldwide

Extending Our Reach

In today's competitive business environment, a company on its own has limited advantages. That's why we're constantly growing our Business Partner community, a highly qualified team of partners in order to create and reach new markets quickly, build and retain competitive advantage, and to continue fostering new ideas, capabilities, and businesses.

Learn more about the various ways you can partner in this convenient document here or explore the links below.


Partnership Program

We don’t take the one-size-fits-all approach with Nav-to-Net™ - it’s a horizontal solution that suits many different industries. We don’t expect our partners to be cookie cutter either. Our partner program offerings are diverse and flexible so you can provide your customers with a competitive range of products and services.

Referral Partners

Referral partners promote Nav-to-Net™ to customers using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV for a finder's fee. Digital Vantage Point takes it from there, from web demonstrations, technical consultations, implementations, and support.


Business Partners

Our business/sales partners promote our e-commerce solution to their customers without worrying about delivery. We work with you to provide end to end support, from demo to delivery.


Technology Partners

Leading technology and software providers partner with us, complementing our solution/software and strengthening value propositions. They help make our product better, a truly complete and integrated solution for customers.


OEM Solution Partners

They understand Microsoft Dynamics™ Business Central/NAV technology and use Nav-to-Net™ to provide customized solutions and services to their targeted vertical. This is a joint product development opportunity.


Implementation Partners

They make successful implementation and deployment of Nav-to-Net™ happen. They also help market, sell, and support Nav-to-Net™ in regions where we don’t have a corporate presence.