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Exploring possibilities with Nav-to-Net™

What can you expect from working with Digital Vantage Point and Nav-to-Net™? When you have a truly integrated e-Commerce solution with your Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, there are benefits abound. When we work together, we'll help you be more productive, efficient, and sustainable.


Smooth Business Operations – Experience optimized workflows, dramatically reduced bottlenecks, and elimination of redundancy.

Save time, effort, and money – Maintenance is easy with minimal errors. It leverages your NAV know-how so there is also less training and reduced training costs.

Focus on your business – Real-time synchronization and general ease of management frees up time so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

The Power to do More

More what? ROI, value, sales, brand awareness and loyalty, traffic, customers. Nav-to-Net™ is scalable so no matter how much your business grows, we can accommodate. When you leverage your NAV investment with Nav-to-Net™, you mitigate the hassles of outgrowing your solution.

Expanded Reach – With multi-language and currency capabilities, your webshop can be truly global. We can also create multiple websites and catalogs as needed to suit all your customers.

E-Commerce Anywhere – Responsive Design provides a consistent experience for whichever device your customer chooses; desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile. Be where your customers are and enhance your company persona through a unified brand experience.

Be Better

Relationships improve. Nav-to-Net™ helps you take care of all business relationships with smooth pleasant experiences and opportunities for personalization.

Strategy is your game. With analytics reports easily accessible from NAV, you can gain a ton of insight that can help you build a great business strategy. Put plans into action on the fly with real-time synchronization.

Position for the future. This is an investment. Nav-to-Net™ uses your current technology and optimizes it. Taking trends and customer requests into consideration, we build you solid and scalable products, giving you a competitive edge for years to come.

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