e-commerce solutions for growing tech businesses

E-Commerce Solutions for the Electronics and IT Industry

This industry is highly diverse and consistently growing. It can include anything from consumer electronics, devices for entertainment, communication, productivity, as well as the associated parts, resources, supplies, and services. With digital experiences are becoming the norm, businesses are looking to adapt with a cohesive e-commerce solution.

Nav-to-Net™ supports B2B and B2C business models and can help you reach your true business potential. By providing the necessary tools and resources, Nav-to-Net™ helps you build meaningful customer experiences while optimizing business processes.

Here’s how Nav-to-Net™ can make a difference:

- Sell to a variety of customers (B2B and B2C) while managing all website components in one platform
- Offer competitive prices and better customer service without sacrificing quality
- Powerful content management capabilities for an extensive product catalog with multiple brands, products lines, services, etc.

Responsive Design for Business Anywhere

When you are in this industry, customers expect that you will be on top of the latest trends. Enter Responsive Design. Your customers will be able to access your website from any device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and browse, order, and do all they want to do from any device. Responsive Design also makes it easy to present a unified look and feel across all channels for strong brand management. It simply makes sense for you to be where customers are. Maintenance is simple as always because you will not have to manage a separate mobile site.


Making Customer Service a Priority

No matter how your customers want to interact with your website, you are ready with Nav-to-Net™. With seamless integration and smooth automated processes, you can spend more time focusing on growing customer relationships instead of simply taking orders.

Powerful Search

Help customers find what it is they are looking for with parametric search and other advanced search functions. Organized categories help. Whether your customers are looking for a specific keyboard, a new TV, or a general tablet-type of product, they can easily navigate your Business Central/NAV-integrated website and find what it is they are looking for.

Customer Accounts

Give customers more control. They are able to see their purchase history, order status, profile information, and more. Manage recurring orders. B2B customers can see personalized recommendations and manage recurring orders. Cut down on service costs and allow your customers to manage transactions from beginning to end.

Reliable e-Commerce

Always Take Orders™ and SmartPush Technology™ gives you peace of mind. Customers will never experience the hassle of lost orders and miscommunication. Be confident in the reliable service you provide for your customers. Real time synchronization also means that you can provide timely responses.

Facilitate Research to Boost Sales

User and expert reviews help convince customers to purchase. This is especially true for items such as smartphones or TV’s; customers will research and read as many reviews as much as possible. There are many sources for this kind of information. Your Business Central/NAV webshop should aim to provide as much information as possible, keeping customer attention for longer and being the trusted resource. Important features here are content management and ratings and reviews.

Ratings and Reviews

Automated or moderated, it is your choice in Nav-to-Net™. Social proof goes a long way to establishing your credibility and gaining customer trust. Ratings are automatically calculated and presented online in real-time.

Advanced CMS in Business Central / NAV

The most basic of research starts in reading product descriptions and specifications. The ease of content management in Nav-to-Net™ allows you to update quickly and as often as you like. Customers will always get the most correct information available.

Manage Files

Your Business Central/NAV-integrated website content is not limited to copy; files and images can be invaluable. Show customers high resolution pictures of the product, videos, expert opinions, user guides, and more to help customers make more informed decisions.

Configurator for Enhanced Shopping Experience

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator can help customers build custom products. Help meet their needs if they are questioning which product to go with. Guided selling tool. Integrated with Business Central/NAV items, attributes, pricing, availability. For designing products or packages. Multiple applications. It’s like a knowledgeable salesperson guiding them as you set up the paths (using exclusions and well-designed questions, steps, and options). Easily set up as many configurators as you need. Customers can place orders from there and it goes straight into BC/NAV. Complex sales are made simple without wasting resources.


Future-Proof Your Business

Because you work in the technology industry, you understand better than most how quickly things change. Customer behaviour changes and we must grow with them by getting ahead of trends instead of playing catch up. You require a strong foundation of technological prowess, integration, and scalability. To accommodate growth and change, Nav-to-Net™ is built from the ground up to help you maximize your Business Central/NAV investment. As e-commerce sales grow your business, you won’t outgrow your solution. New features, updates, and customizations can be added without disrupting your business.