effective solutions for merchandising and retail

E-Commerce Solutions for the Retail and Merchandising Industry

When working in merchandising and retail, there is a decided shift from product-centric to customer-centric. The digital age is the customer’s age; they hold a lot of power with what is now available to them. High expectations are normal in the merchandising and retail sector of e-commerce. Exceed them with a world-class e-commerce solution and provide the highest quality experience. Nav-to-Net™ is the end-to-end solution for all your merchandising and retail needs that is designed to please customers while addressing common business challenges you may have.

Nav-to-Net™ can be tailored to B2B or B2C and always deliver a smooth pleasant experience, for customers and business users. Some business challenges you may encounter are tackling the mobile market, showcasing your catalog in the best way possible, and leveraging Business Central/NAV capabilities to optimize the shopping process.

Built with Responsive Design

Built with Responsive Design, Nav-to-Net™ enables your e-commerce website to adapt to any device, providing optimal display and performance, whether accessed through a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Cater to Savvy Shoppers

Mobile retail commerce is growing as technology advances and customers become more accustomed to the benefits. Responsive Design allows you to expand your reach across multiple platforms and provide an ideal shopping experience and on-the-spot purchasing.

Consistent Branding, Look, and Feel

Responsive Design means consistency throughout your e-commerce business. Provide a more powerful punch through unified and integrated branding and messaging. Customers will be able to easily recognize your brand and enjoy the same experience, no matter which device they choose.

SEO Friendly

Search engines will favour mobile-friendly sites as they tend to be more engaging and generate more clicks. Avoid duplicating any content management between mobile and non-mobile sites. Because only one website needs to be maintained, updating and changing your website saves you time and money.

Communicate Value

Nav-to-Net™ is a user-friendly solution that strives to put your customers first. Create compelling sales and marketing messages to boost revenue. Display your product catalog in the best way possible. Craft a rich visual experience for your customers so they can easily see all that you offer. With efficient data processing and content management, your customers will always get accurate and detailed product information.

Content Management

Nav-to-Net™ is a comprehensive solution that has superior content management capabilities thanks to built-in document management tools. Updating product descriptions, attributes, files, images, and pricing is a breeze and you never have to worry about duplicating your efforts. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing with the MLTB (Multi-Line Text Box) Tool makes it easy to make your content look the way you want without any fancy technical coding.

Powerful Search

Even with a massive inventory to manage, your customers will be able to sift through it quickly and zoom in on exactly what they're looking for with features like Parametric Search. Shoppers value personalization and an online shopping experience that intuitively caters to their needs. Nav-to-Net™ maximizes your webshop's search capabilities.

Bridge the Gap

Retail and merchandising websites are sometimes extensions of their physical stores and warehouses. In order to operate as one with a clear view on what's going on in your business, your e-commerce solution needs to be 100% integrated. Nav-to-Net™ offers many features and add-ons to help bridge the gap so your customers are always taken care of, both online and off.

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator is an exciting new addition to the e-commerce suite. For retail and merchandising, this flexible add-on inspires countless variations and practical applications. It’s an attention grabber and engages your customers. They value personalization, creativity, and memorable experiences. In addition, Configurator generates insights as customers actively choose features and customizations relevant to their needs and wants, inspiring loyalty and creating brand ambassadors. From build-your-own products to hand-selecting items in a package deal, Configurator can adapt to any retail and merchandising environment.

True to DVP philosophy, Nav-to-Net™ Configurator is integrated with all Business Central/NAV items, attributes, pricing, and availability. This is especially helpful if you're selling complex products with lots of customizable features.


Opportunities abound. Show related items to customers as they browse, or present it at the right time within the Product Configurator. In the context of the Configurator, customers are in the right frame of mind and are more likely to be receptive of upsells and cross sells.


Guide customers through the shopping process. This feature acts as your salesperson, defining and articulating customer motivations so they make more informed decisions. Educate and engage your customers every step of the way.


There are multiple stylesheets and a user-friendly theme engine to control the look and feel so you maintain consistency with the rest of your webshop. This is all easily set up and built and controlled in Nav-to-Net™. See updates in real-time!

Delivering Quality Results

Customers expect a lot out of a webshop. In the retail business, there are many challenges that need to be met. With Nav-to-Net™, visitors are able to understand what you offer and explore your catalog. At the final checkout process, these features will bring immense value and help to convert browsers to buyers, ultimately adding to your bottom line.

Safe and Secure

OneStep Checkout is an option that helps speed up the process as customers can see their order, prices, billing and shipping information, and more in just one page. Optimize the checkout and provide as many options as possible. Nav-to-Net™ supports all kinds of payment methods with embedded support and integration from ChargeLogic and PayPal.

Peace of Mind

With Always Take Orders™, exclusive to Nav-to-Net™ along with SmartPush technology™, never lose an order. Even if the connection to the back end is lost, customers can still place orders and get accurate pricing and availability information. Once the connection is re-established, orders will be automatically sent through while missing orders can be retrieved and re-submitted to the database.

Spread the Word

When customer receive quality, they will want to share. Social media networks can strengthen your brand. These are new channels to communicate with customers and provide another aspect of excellent customer service. Incorporate social media into your e-commerce strategy and make brand ambassadors out of your customers with features like Tell a Friend and Wish Lists.