Medical and Academic Research, Laboratories, and Facilities

E-Commerce Solutions for the Chemical Industry

E-commerce provides multiple opportunities for furthering the scientific research, technology, and advancements. From biochemical compounds to stable isotopes, these products can be found in research facilities and labs and contribute to many noble causes and medical advancements. This industry is typically a B2B environment with customers working in fields such as pharmaceutical, medical, clinical, academic research, and environmental analysis.

Nav-to-Net™ tackles e-commerce challenges in this industry such as:

- Presenting an extensive and detailed catalog to customers with various pricing options
- Taking advantage of new online selling techniques to improve customer experience
- Expanding globally and adhering to strict guidelines and requirements
- Growing customer and business relationships with an online presence

Built and Managed Entirely in Business Central / NAV

Experience tight and seamless integration between Business Central/NAV and your website so that your product catalogs, complete with all the vital item descriptions, categorization, and search functions, work in harmony with all business and e-commerce functions. Your product and service presentation should always be updated and accurate. This helps convey your expertise as well as making sure you achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Item Pages

Item description pages in Nav-to-Net™ are comprehensive and managed entirely in Business Central/NAV. Customers can see all pertinent details including special instructions, properties, requirements, and related documents. They can also check an item’s availability, especially if they want to order a large amount.

Advanced Search

Powerful search functions help customers find what they need quickly and easily. Nav-to-Net™ product configurator can also guide customers through the buying process if they require a specific solution that involves a few different items. There is minimal effort on your part as integrated search functions bring up accurate results for customers and create a smooth and intuitive experience.

Create Quotes Simply

Sales and dealer quotes are created and managed in Business Central/NAV, seamlessly integrated into the rest of your e-commerce website and pricing structure. This B2B feature facilitates better communication and quoting and price negotiation. If quotes are an essential part of your business, Nav-to-Net™ has got you covered.

Convenience for Your Regular Customers

Quick Order Option

Familiar customers can order faster with the quick order option. After entering the item numbers and quantities required, customers go straight to the shopping cart and checkout process. The ordering process doesn’t need to be long and tedious if you already know what you want. Nav-to-Net™ helps businesses create smoother processes without sacrificing quality.

Custom Product Lists

Customers can view a filtered list of products with specially associated prices (if they’ve negotiated special rates or discounts). It’s like their own private catalog with products that are relevant to them and that they order on a regular basis. For example, a niche medical research company can see the products they would typically need without having to go through the whole Research category of your website.

Efficient Order Processing

Orders are automatically transferred to Business Central/NAV. Administrators can define how they are processed (automatic or manual, depending on the type of product). Always Take Orders™ and SmartPush Technology™ ensure that every order is taken care of; offer your customers and your business peace of mind with these exclusive to Nav-to-Net™ features.

Expand Your Reach

Global strategies can be integrated into your e-commerce plan with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, multiple catalogs and websites to support each country’s specific needs and challenges, while also adhering to statutory requirements for full compliance.

Responsive Design is built into Nav-to-Net™ so your website automatically adjusts to every viewport and device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Revolutionize the way your customers shop with you as they browse, place orders, and check their status from their device of choice.


Offer Exceptional Customer and Technical Support

With Nav-to-Net™ and its seamless integration to your existing Business Central/NAV, all your customizations that are already in place will remain and be better equipped for e-commerce success. Because it’s all handled in BC/NAV, there are reduced costs for training and maintenance. Your team will be more focused on what they can do to help customers rather than constantly fiddling with the website. They can concentrate on providing superior sales and technical support, especially in an industry where knowledge is important. Content management in Nav-to-Net™ also makes it easy to consistently update your messaging, upload new documents, videos, and images, and manage your content strategy effectively.