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Configurator Guides Customers to Better Decisions

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator closes the gap between what you offer and what your customers want. A Business Central/NAV product configurator allows you to effectively meet their needs, connecting them with the appropriate products and features, while handling modifications and specifications. It acts as your salesperson online - facilitating the sales conversation, finding out customer needs and wants, the motivation behind the purchase, and how best to serve them.

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator streamlines the sale of your customized products while managing all components simply and securely within your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV environment. Every part is built and managed completely in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV. It captures the aspects of your products, such as available features, customization options, and pricing, and presents it elegantly online in a step-by-step process. It is integrated with all things Business Central/NAV and of course, your Nav-to-Net™ e-commerce website.

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Guiding Customers to Better Decisions

This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV configurator is a selling wizard that has the ability to adapt to your unique business and selling processes. Whichever path you want your customer to take, this product configurator offers a way to customize your selling technique that guides customers to better buying decisions.

Right Frame of Mind – Help users understand and select the right products. Devise a shopping path that asks them questions, prompts interaction, and gives context to the shopping process. Nav-to-Net™ Configurator helps find the motivation behind the purchasing decision.

Educate Your Customers – It’s a simple and intuitive shopping process that follows a logical train of thought. The customer becomes better acquainted with the individual options, attributes, product variants that you created and manage in Business Central/NAV. Customers can better explore the benefits of the product.

Step-by-Step Process – Make it as easy as possible for your customer. They can pick and choose options and variations to best suit their needs. Each option is determined by their previous choice while adhering to rules set by you.

Visually Rich Experience – You can use as many images as you want with convenient content management in Nav-to-Net™. Add corresponding images to each step, question, and option to help customers visualize their final product.

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator - Step-by-Step Shopping ProcessNav-to-Net™ Configurator
Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAV Configurator Summary PageView the details of your product configuration.

Designing a Better Buying Process

Simplify e-Commerce – It’s easy for you to sell complex products and services straight from your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV system. The intuitive and elegant design of Nav-to-Net™ Configurator allows you to create your own engaging product configurator. Find new ways to support your customers through the online sales process.

Save Time – Spend less time worrying about the set-up and more on creating a targeted sales strategy and communicating effectively with your customers. This powerful rules-based tool instantly processes constraints and calculations based on customer input, automating many processes in your Business Central/NAV webshop.

Integration with Business Central/NAV - Integrate all BC/NAV items, attributes, pricing, and availability. Control when and where a customer can see the options, all from a single user-friendly environment in BC/NAV. Be confident in the information you present to your customers.

Increase Sales Opportunities – Make sales recommendations from BC/NAV as customers go through the shopping process. Customers are more likely to be receptive of upsells and cross-sells when using this NAV configurator because they will be able to see how it fits into the overall big picture.

Make It Yours - Control the look and feel of Nav-to-Net™ Configurator with the user-friendly theme engine. Choose from pre-set themes, layout options, and custom options to maintain a consistent look and feel as the rest of your Business Central/NAV e-commerce website. The design options can also be combined in any number of ways to create a highly customized look at any level of the BC/NAV Product Configurator.

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator Delivers Enduring Value

Responsive Design – Provide the ideal viewing and interactive experience for your customers, no matter what device they are using. Built with Responsive Design, your Business Central/NAV webshop and integrated Configurator will dynamically adjust to any screen resolution with ease.

Engaging Experiences – A dynamic shopping process delivers more value. As customers pick and choose elements that make up their ideal product, they feel empowered and have a sense of ownership. Build upon these experiences to encourage customer and brand loyalty.

Technologically Advanced - Powerful back-end technology helps you decrease the amount of work and maintenance required to run your webshop. The tight and seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV means you save time and effort while continuously improving customer experience.

Reliable and Secure - All customized sales orders are handled directly in Business Central/NAV. There is no 3rd party add-on so you can have peace of mind that all orders are taken care of and will never be lost. Always Take Orders™ and SmartPush Technology™, features exclusive to Nav-to-Net™, also ensure the most reliable order taking process for e-commerce.

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator set up in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAVEasy Setup and Content Management in Nav-to-Net™ Configurator

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator helps you do more