building customized Business Central / NAV e-commerce solutions

E-Commerce Solutions for the Construction Industry

The transition to e-commerce for the construction industry has been a little slower compared to other industries. Nav-to-Net™ has the solutions to tackle all the challenges you may face so you can stay ahead of your competition. There is more technology available to automate your business processes; leverage your existing investment in Business Central/NAV and the customizations you have in place to achieve an integrated and efficient e-commerce business.

Your Business Central / NAV e-commerce solution should:

- Help you create a strong online impression, expand your reach, and provide a consistent experience for all customers, suppliers, dealers, and vendors
- Adapt to various B2B businesses and showcase a wide array of products, services, and areas of expertise
- Achieve high efficiency with many features, including B2B-specific features like quote creation and management of dealer/vendor networks
- Speed up the order processing and fulfillment so there is no lost time or misrepresentation of the information presented to customers

The construction industry is moving towards minimizing adverse environmental impact and facilitating businesses and projects to be executed as smoothly as possible with little waste. Extending the business to include e-commerce is one of the ways you can effectively tackle this challenge.

Show Off Your Products and Expertise

Better Product Presentation

Multiple websites, catalogs, and categories are supported in Nav-to-Net™ for better organization and to appeal to customers. It is all managed in one place, your existing Business Central/NAV. A centralized e-commerce solution for BC/NAV helps make sense of your extensive range of products and expertise, putting it in context for your customers.

Find it Fast

Advanced search functions, such as parametric search, help customers find what they are looking for and to differentiate between similar products. This guides them into choosing the right product for their situation, as well as save time. Prevent your customers from getting overwhelmed by the sheer volume of product available to them.

Educate Customers

Nav-to-Net™ item detail pages are full and descriptive. Educating your customers is a big part of successful e-commerce. All content is easily managed with the Multi-Line Text Box (MLTB) tool with WYSIWYG editing. Your product pages can be further customized to suit the look and feel and purpose you need.