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Nav-to-Net’s CMS Makes Content Management Simple

Nav-to-Net’s new Content Management System (CMS) makes your life a lot easier. Gone are the days when you had to have years of experience using Business Central or NAV, and the ability to code, just to make minor updates to the content on your e-commerce site. With the maturation of the e-commerce industry, more people from more departments are integral to ensuring the success of your webshop. Marketing, for example, is more involved now than ever. And, realistically, most of them won’t have any experience working within your ERP!

In Nav-to-Net™, all of the content of your e-commerce site is controlled from within Business Central/NAV, and our new CMS makes this simple and straightforward. As a result, even your marketing team will be able to change and update the content of your site using what they already know!

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Content Management That Makes Sense

Nav-to-Net’s Content Management System (CMS) resides entirely within Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV. This makes it easier than ever to manage the content on your site, all within your ERP. You can even clone your main image to be used as a thumbnail, with the right dimensions, right in BC/NAV!

WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWG) editing allows you, with the right permission, to create and edit content in the exact same way it will be displayed on your site.

Make Changes Once – With an integrated solution, any changes you make in the CMS within your Business Central/NAV don’t need to be replicated anywhere.

Work with Drafts – Nav-to-Net™ lets you save any updated content in Business Central/NAV as a draft to preview and publish whenever you are ready; it’s that simple.

Document Management – You can use as many images as you want with convenient content management in Nav-to-Net™. Add corresponding images to each step, question, and option to help customers visualize their final product.

Real-Time Updates – Nav-to-Net’s seamless integration with Business Central/NAV allows updates to be immediately reflected on your site, as soon as you publish. All you need to do is refresh the page!

Nav-to-Net™ CMS - Content Management Made EasyAdd and manipulate images right in Business Central/NAV.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAV CMS Image ManagementNav-to-Net™ CMS

Customer-Specific Content Made Easy

Tokenization – Use tokenization in the MLTB, language tags, and other places on the site to include context-sensitive content for customers, in real-time!

Custom Content for Each Customer - Content can be personalized to display messages and content unique to specific customers.

Simple to Update – No complex coding is required for any website content management; there is an extensive variety of properties that are dynamically generated, instead of being hard-coded into your site.

Multilanguage Support - MLTB facilitates extensive multilanguage content throughout your e-commerce site, controlled through Nav-to-Net’s CMS, right in Business Central/NAV.

Nav-to-Net™ Content Management makes it easy