industry-specific e-commerce solutions

E-Commerce Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

Time is of the essence. This industry can be fraught with logistical challenges because you work in a time-sensitive business. In the food and beverage industry, there are many changing components, day to day, and sometimes on a customer-specific basis. Integration with Business Central/NAV is incredibly important because you need real-time updates. Customizations for your business should be respected and even enhanced with the e-commerce solution.

Nav-to-Net™ addresses common challenges in this industry, including:

- Adhering to industry-specific requirements and strict regulations
- Maintaining accurate analysis of inventory and ensuring consistency with process flows
- Eliminating waste, increasing efficiency, and keeping on top of quality control
- Keeping up to date with safety and delivering to customers on time

Managing the Logistics in e-Commerce

This is generally a time-sensitive industry; food and drink items should be delivered promptly to ensure items are fresh. Depending on what you sell, how your warehouse is organized, and your business processes, items should be able to move quickly when needed. Nav-to-Net™ e-commerce solution ensures that your order processing is handled professionally and efficiently. Orders go straight into Business Central/NAV and Always Take Orders™ means no lost orders ever. Even if there is a disconnect from the back end, you can take control and fulfill customer expectations with Nav-to-Net™.

Responsive Design in Nav-to-Net™

Business Anywhere

People like to check on their orders on the go, search for product information, and even place or modify orders when the situation occurs instead of waiting until they can sit at a computer. Responsive Design allows you to adapt to these changing behaviours effortlessly.

Speed Matters

Especially when it has to deal with food or drink, quickness is appreciated. Time sensitivity is an on-going issue. Nav-to-Net™ order processing is just as quick on mobile as it is on your regular desktop. Because of the seamless integration, see updates as they happen so you can promptly make business decisions.

Ultimate Convenience

With Responsive Design, you are able to reach your customers on multiple channels, increasing their access and improving your brand image. Have a presence wherever your customers are and connect with them wherever possible. Exceptional customer service can be achieved, and it is all taken care of from Nav-to-Net™.