organized and integrated e-commerce solutions

E-Commerce Solutions for the Office Supply Retail Industry

If you’re in the office and business supply industry, your goal is to enable other businesses to run faster, better, and just be more comfortable overall. You sell office furniture, trade show materials, promotional items, desks, filing cabinets, writing instruments, stationary, printers and supplies, gadgets and other tech accessories, servers, keyboards, computers, laptops, office ergonomics, and more.

E-commerce decreases the need for physical stores – this industry has embraced online sales channels, multichannel marketing, and developing loyal online customers through engaging experiences in the webshop. Nav-to-Net™ helps you to provide quality products and services so that businesses can focus on what they do best.

While fairly straightforward, an integrated solution like Nav-to-Net™ ensures these are in place for your Business Central/NAV e-commerce website:

- As much automation as possible for ultimate convenience for customers and business users alike, with real-time updates on pricing and availability
- Diverse options for payment, shipping, delivery – different options for pricing are also supported – multiple ways to search for products
- Responsive Design for even more convenience no matter which device
- Ways to facilitate customer relationship management (customer and sales agent portals, wish lists, custom product lists)

All in One, All in Business Central/NAV

Fully Adaptable

Big or small, B2B/B2C or a hybrid, selling to companies or individuals, Nav-to-Net™ is the flexible solution that can adapt to a variety of business structures and models. It leverages your existing Business Central/NAV and customizations that are already in place and integrates with your warehouses, offices, sales team, and all your systems for a powerful e-commerce solution that is easy to use.

Built in Business Central/NAV

Seamless integration with Business Central/NAV means real-time updates. This means that your pricing and availability information is always correct. Manage catalogs and what customers can or cannot see. Customers will never be caught in a less than ideal situation where they have ordered an item that is, in fact, back-ordered.

Advanced CMS

Managing all kinds of content is simple with Nav-to-Net™. Whether it's product and category descriptions, videos and PDF’s and images, or marketing promotions that change periodically, WYSIWYG editing in the MLTB tool means you don’t have to fiddle around with code. Implement your content strategy quickly with no lag or wait time.

Trust and Reliability with your e-Commerce

Order Process in Business Central/NAV

Order processing in Nav-to-Net™ is efficient and secure, with orders held directly in NAV along with special requests and instructions. Always Take Orders™ and SmartPush Technology™ are exclusive features to Nav-to-Net™ that mean no missed orders ever.

Payment and Delivery

There are plenty of payment and delivery options; each one tightly integrated with Nav-to-Net™ (Avalara, ChargeLogic, UPS, FedEx, PayPal, etc.).

Better Communication

Never miss any communication opportunity with customers. If something is backordered or has just been discounted, because the connection in Business Central/NAV is so strong. The second it happens; customers can be notified so they can act as quickly as possible.

Better, Faster, Stronger with Nav-to-Net™

Do It Better

Extensive catalogs can be organized through multiple categories and multi-dimensional product variants. Present your products so your customers have the right context without being overwhelmed with content. For example, paper comes in many different sizes, colours, brands, lines/unlined, hole/no holes, for fax, for brochures, etc. Make it easy for customers to understand all that you offer.

Do It Faster

The ordering process can be speeded up with quick cart, standing order guides (customized wish lists), one-step checkout, and re-order capabilities. Your customers can be in and out quickly and painlessly. This positive experience can also help with customer loyalty.

Have Stronger Relationships

Manage your customer and business relationships with ease all in Business Central/NAV. Features like the flexible and customizable submission manager allows you to create forms like newsletter requests to keep customers in the know, site surveys, event registrations, and more.