elevate the learning business with e-commerce

E-Commerce Solutions for the Education and Publishing Industry

Understanding e-commerce is not enough; we strive to understand the industry and their own struggles and successes in this fast-moving environment. Some industries have thoroughly embraced the digital age and have adapted. Publishing is one of them. Digitization has seriously impacted publishing and education, and the transition must be handled swiftly and decisively. Nav-to-Net™ is designed to help businesses deal with the rapid change and evolve business practices and develop more professional opportunities.

Learning is a passion, whether it be books, resources, or even online classes. E-commerce has evolved quickly to adapt to include eBooks, social media, and new ways to market and sell to customers. With access to materials and experience in moving from traditional to digital, we’ve got just the Business Central/NAV e-commerce solution for you.

Product Catalog Management

Take advantage of superior content management and unlimited categories within Business Central/NAV when it comes to organizing book genres. In this industry, it is expected to have new products coming out all the time. In publishing, books come out year-round, monthly, where promotions don’t stop. Education moves quickly as well and a lot of it is dependent on the customer. Unlimited categories help to frame your customer’s perspective and allow them to shop the way they want, either by genre, purpose, best priced, most relevant, etc. You can also keep track of backlisted books and promote them whenever necessary to maximize sales.

Ability to Change and Grow

Nav-to-Net™ is a user-friendly solution that has the ability to adapt to the constant changes in this industry. An integrated e-commerce solution that allows consistent updates with ease and encourages business growth. Nav-to-Net™ also allows you to explore new ways to connect with your customer to nurture that relationship.

Refining and Organizing

Nav-to-Net™ uses superior organizational capabilities, including virtually limitless categories, to help refine your e-commerce business. Your business covers a wide range of products and caters to many customer segments. We've got the tools to present and sell the entire product range effortlessly.

Real-Time Updates

With many changes throughout the year with multiple book launches, new authors, seasonal items, and more, the seamless Business Central/NAV integration allows for quick updates with no lag and no lost time or effort, allowing you to focus on your business, marketing, and customers instead.

Expand Your Reach

Multi-language and multi-currency capabilities means you can reach an international audience. Learning is a passion worldwide and the Nav-to-Net™ e-commerce solution suite allows you to share and sell your products on a global scale.