growing your e-commerce business with integrated Business Central / NAV solutions

E-Commerce Solutions for the Horticulture Industry

The horticulture industry encompasses everything to do with growth and cultivation of crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, and various plants. As a business, this also includes selling tools, supplies, and services related to plant conservation, landscaping, garden design, running and maintaining a nursery, and more.

When exploring e-commerce options for the horticulture industry, the seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV of Nav-to-Net™ can transform your business and result in increased profitability, better customer service, and improved strategic position, especially if you offer niche products.

Nav-to-Net™ can help you tackle e-commerce challenges such as:

- Proper maintenance of your catalogs and inventory so it is always up to date and correct
- Helping customers navigate your webshop and to quickly locate exactly the items they need
- Decreasing transaction costs and making the process as simple as possible
- Managing your dealer/vendor network and all business relationships
- Finding and appealing to new customers while standing out from the competition

Growing Your Business

In your business, you could deal with multiple vendors and their product ranges. Your customers need to be able to search by vendor, product, location, and industry. If you offer a very full range of products, or sell incredibly specialized products in your niche business, your website needs to be seamlessly integrated. Nav-to-Net™ has versatile search functions completely managed in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV, helping you decrease overall search time and improve the customer experience.

Achieve superior time management to grow your online business. For satisfied customers, provide them with smooth order processing with special care to instructions, quick and reliable delivery, and ultimately a very quality product. Depending on your business, the freshness of your product is crucial to happy customers. With time-sensitive business processes, your e-commerce solution will benefit form the tight Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV integration of Nav-to-Net™, with virtually no lag and no chance of a missed order.

Managing the Details

In an industry that is reliant on the seasons like horticulture and agriculture, you need a solution that can keep up with the changes in prices, products, and availability. Nav-to-Net™ makes it easy to see the overall picture. Your business and e-commerce functions are all managed in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV, resulting in less chance for error. Whether it’s inventory status or seasonal promotions, Nav-to-Net™ lets you see what needs to be done and how to always stay on top. The integration with Business Central/NAV allows for marketing and sales strategy to be implemented quickly so you can capitalize on every opportunity.

Improved Customer Service with Business Central / NAV Integration

Interconnected business processes as a result of your integrated e-commerce website allow you to respond quickly to customer demands and inquiries. When an e-commerce solution is so tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV, more time can be dedicated to developing customer relationships and providing the highest level of service and technical knowledge.

Multiple Catalogs

Cater to both your B2B and B2C customers. Catalogs have evolved from big book catalogs in the mail that are expensive and time-consuming to produce to diverse and compelling online tools that drive e-commerce sales. Nav-to-Net™ makes it possible to create as many catalogs as you need to influence your target market.

Unlimited Categories

Create as many categories and sub-categories as needed; have customer-centric categories in addition to standard product categories and list items under multiple categories. For example, Poinsettias would be listed under Plants and Flowers but would also go under Christmas and Winter Plants. Properly structured categories help give context so customers can quickly look find what they are looking for, improving their experience, and thus improving your e-commerce sales.

Parametric Search

Building on how your catalog is structured and managed in Business Central/NAV, it takes virtually no effort to translate that to parametric search for your customers, a built-in feature of Nav-to-Net™. For example, a gardening store can locate all the trees in your catalog that grow in a certain condition in a specific location. A wedding planner can also get a better idea of all the red flowers that bloom during the summer for bridal bouquets.

Nav-to-Net™ B2B e-Commerce Capabilities

Whether you are in a B2B or B2C environment, or even a combination of the two, Nav-to-Net™ can be adapted to your business model. Selling unique flower arrangements to individual customers can be just as easy as selling 100 bags of grass seed to a garden centre.

Pricing features in Nav-to-Net™ allow for flexibility to show different unit pricings for wholesale purchases, corporate rates, and promotional prices. Because of the tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV, there is never any confusion; your customers will only see what you want them to see.

Nav-to-Net™ B2B e-commerce solution provides reliable access to all resources, data, business applications, and processes. Sales Agent Portals integrated to Business Central/NAV and your BC/NAV e-commerce website allow your sales team to place orders on behalf of customers and improve customer relationships. Vendor Portals invite vendors to respond to RFP’s, provide shipment notifications, and more. Because all these portals are integrated with Business Central/NAV, there is never any duplicate effort and your customers benefit from the smoother processes in place.


Nav-to-Net™ Configurator Applications

The possibilities are endless with an integrated Business Central/NAV product configurator. One possible application for the Nav-to-Net™ Configurator (link) is letting customer’s create unique flower arrangements to their exact specifications. It can also be used to sell sets of gardening tools, nursery supplies, or service and maintenance packages. Integrated with Dynamics Business Central/NAV items, attributes, pricing, and availability, this Nav-to-Net™ add-on creates a unique selling experience without any complications on the back end.