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Round Out Your Analytics

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool, but it’s not all-powerful. Nav-to-Net’s Site Activity Analysis Tool has been designed and built not to replace the valuable insights you can gain from Google Analytics, but rather to supplement them.

You know the most valuable intel is actionable intel. Nav-to-Net’s Site Activity Analyser not only captures data, it feeds it back to your Business Central/NAV. Having this data reside in your ERP means that you can better analyze it, understand patterns, and use it to shape your strategy as you move forward. Nav-to-Net’s Site Activity Analyzer empowers you to execute those changes straight from the tool, all in BC/NAV!

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Understand the Data, Make Informed Decisions

The best decision is an informed one. This is why marketers test and analyze the performance of new ad campaigns. You need to treat your online store in a similar way and optimize it for conversions.

Adjustable by date range, Nav-to-Net’s Site Activity Analysis Tool lets you track a number of useful metrics to better understand specific customer behaviour, and will be valuable as you plan for the future. You can take action on these insights within your Business Central/NAV, or export the reports to Excel.

Site Activity Summary – One of the most basic reports, this allows you to understand overall site activity by all known users.

Site Activity by Item – Getting more specific, this report conveys information about how your users are interacting with specific items in your catalog.

Site Activity by Order – This is where you can run reports on orders placed, to better understand overall purchase behaviour in your webshop.

Items Removed from Cart – Further bolstering the value of Nav-to-Net’s analytical capabilities is the new ability to understand what items have been removed from the cart in specific transactions, not just abandoned carts, enabling you understand what type of cross-sells and promotions could boost your sales.

Site Activity by Search – Understanding search behaviour is key to understand your customers’ path through your webshop.

Nav-to-Net™ Site Activity AnalysisNav-to-Net™ Site Activity Analyzer

Nav-to-Net™ Site Activity Analysis by CustomerView site activity for logged-in customers.

Track Known Customer Data

Nav-to-Net’s Site Activity Analyzer allows you to understand specific customer actions for known users. The depth of this analysis is key to leveraging the data your webshop is collecting to maximize the ROI on the effort you put into having an amazing catalog on a fantastic e-commerce site.

Site Activity by Customer – Understand what the companies that purchase from you have actually been doing on your site.

Site Activity by Contact – Go even deeper and identify patterns of the individual contacts at those companies and your end consumers.

From Insight to Action

The true value in analytics lies in the applicability of the insights you’ve gleaned. Because Nav-to-Net™ is seamlessly integrated with Business Central/NAV, this data resides in your ERP.

The true power of Site Analysis is all about action. Taking the insights you’ve gained from its robust analytics, you’re able to take steps to build off of this data and make real changes with real impact to your bottom line.

Modify Item Pricing – Understanding specific customer behaviour combined with the power of your ERP means that you can take the insights you’ve gained and quickly modify pricing for either a specific customer or across the board, right from our Site Activity Analysis Tool!

Create Promotions – Nav-to-Net’s robust new promotion engine, paired with Site Activity Analysis, is a formidable tool to leverage your understanding of the purchase behaviour of your customers. You can create multivariable promotions to trigger the purchase of items you know they’ll love, without having to leave/navigate away from the Site Activity Analyzer!

Adjust Search Rank – The visibility into search behaviour that Nav-to-Net’s Site Activity Analyzer provides means that you can ensure that products show up in the order you want. Ensuring that the products you KNOW sell best show up first means that your customers are more likely to hit ‘Add to Cart.’

Nav-to-Net™ Site Activity Analysis Promotion CreationCreate a Promotion right from BC/NAV with Nav-to-Net™ Site Activity Analyzer

Nav-to-Net™ Site Activity Analyzer helps you understand and take action