Professional Services

we deliver quality, consistently

Our goal is to provide valuable services for your solution.

Whether it is an out-of-the box solution implementation or a highly customized e-commerce solution, we feel it is our duty to deliver quality, consistency, and results. Having worked with clients in a wide spectrum of industries, we use our experience to see things from all perspectives. We start from the planning stages to implementation, and continue to the ongoing post live support of Nav-to-Net™ e-commerce solution. Our expertise in a variety of industries mean we can meet the specific needs of our clients to ensure they get the most out of their investment.

Methodology and Project Management

Step 1. Analysis and Design

  • onsite sessions
  • mock-ups
  • detailed estimate
  • scope document
  • project plan

Step 2. Development & QA

  • interactive solution reviews
  • solution testing
  • customized solution
  • staging deployment

Step 3. User Acceptance Testing

  • super user training
  • testing support
  • final integration (partner)
  • production-ready website

Step 4. Production Deployment

  • go-live support
  • warranty period
  • ongoing support & maintenance

Ready Your Engines – 4 Steps to Get Going

Imagine your Business Central/NAV e-commerce solution is a car. It is the vehicle that drives your business forward, ahead of your competition, with power under the hood (your technology) and lots of features to make the experience comfortable but still exciting. You want a smooth ride that's fast but will also last a long time. We can help you achieve that.

Nav-to-Net™ puts you in the driver seat. We help you take control and get you where you want to go.

Step 1. Tell Us What You Want.

Your must-haves, your vision, the direction you’re headed – this is the prep work and the foundation. For us, this is the analysis and design process. We scope and plan and give you a detailed estimate and mock-ups for your Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV e-commerce solution.

Step 2. Your Custom-Built Car.

Whether you want to drive it straight out of the lot or get a specific build, that’s entirely up to you. We work with you to get exactly what you want and start developing, paying close attention to quality. Express out-of-the-box or a highly customized e-commerce solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV integration is at the core of our solution.

Step 3. Test Drive Your Car.

We give it a thorough test run and hammer out the details, tweaking as we go. You get the chance to acquaint yourself and give us your feedback. We make adjustments based on this User Acceptance Testing. This ensures a smooth experience, for you as a business user and for your e-commerce customers.

Step 4. Hit the Gas and Go!

After deployment to production, your Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV-integrated webshop is ready to start selling for you and you can enjoy the benefits of your seamlessly integrated and tailored e-commerce solution. See ROI, reduced maintenance costs, and satisfied customers with Nav-to-Net™.

See where you can go with e-commerce for Business Central / NAV today!