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Versatile and Customizable

Digital Vantage Point focuses on developing standards within Nav-to-Net™ that are in line with your particular industry. Our goal is a flexible and agile
e-commerce platform.

How does Nav-to-Net™ fit you just the way it should?

Every business is a unique blend of organizational structures, industry-specific needs and requirements, business workflows, and brand story. These challenges can be met with a powerful e-commerce solution like Nav-to-Net™ for growing success and competitive edge. We take into consideration all aspects of your business and can create a customized solution just for you, with incredibly capable and compatible Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV technology, all the industry best practices, and sound business sense.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry continues to move forward, transforming into a more consumer-friendly e-commerce model. There are lots of components and faces of the business, from product management to logistics. It’s important to maintain the relationships with suppliers, dealers, and customers, and manage the subtle complexities all within Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV. The benefits abound with a truly integrated system.

Create a dynamic environment with Nav-to-Net™. Because customers need to interact with your site extensively, your solution can start to be complex. With parametric search, you can help your customers narrow down specifics of a product they’re looking for, such as tire size and tread type. When catering to customers, it’s also important to have a detailed customer order history easily accessible. The user experience can be further enhanced by leveraging industry-specific product fitment guides.

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Chemical Industry

E-commerce provides multiple opportunities for furthering the scientific research, technology, and advancements. From biochemical compounds to stable isotopes, these products can be found in research facilities and labs and contribute to many noble causes and medical advancements. This industry is typically a B2B environment with customers working in fields such as pharmaceutical, medical, clinical, academic research, and environmental analysis.

A detailed and well-maintained product catalog is important in this industry. Other challenges specific to this industry include adhering to strict guidelines and requirements, growing business relationships online, and improving the selling experience. Explore Nav-to-Net™ B2B e-commerce solution for an easy to manage solution that effectively meets all business and customer needs.

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Construction Industry

The transition to e-commerce for the construction industry is a little slower compared to other industries. With Nav-to-Net™ e-commerce solutions, you can have a leg up on the competition and tackle all the challenges you currently face. With more technology available, automate your business processes and leverage your existing investment in Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV.

Take advantage of Nav-to-Net™ features like online sales quotes and custom product lists along with vendor portal and sales agent portal add-ons. The construction industry is moving towards minimizing the negative environmental impact and facilitating businesses and projects to be executed as smoothly as possible with little waste. Extending the business to include e-commerce is one of the ways you can effectively tackle this challenge.

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Education and Publishing

Learning is a passion, whether it be books, resources, or even online classes. We take learning seriously as well. Because we’re so ingrained with Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV and e-commerce knowledge, we’ll put you ahead of the learning curve and give you the tools to succeed. With access to materials and experience in moving from traditional to digital, we’ve got just the e-commerce solution for you.

Take advantage of superior content management and unlimited categories when it comes to organizing book genres. By doing this, you frame your customer’s perspective and allow them to shop the way they want, whether by bestseller, best priced, or specific genre. With extensive catalog management, you can also promote backlisted books as well to maximize your sales.

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Electronics and IT Industry

This industry is highly diverse and consistently growing. It can include anything from consumer electronics, devices for entertainment, communication, productivity, as well as the associated parts, resources, supplies, and services. With digital experiences are becoming the norm, businesses are looking to adapt with a cohesive e-commerce solution.

Nav-to-Net™ supports B2B and B2C business models and can help you reach your true business potential. By providing the necessary tools and resources, Nav-to-Net™ helps you build meaningful customer experiences while optimizing business processes.

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Event Planning and Management Industry

Event management can include anything from managing a venue and coordinating with volunteers, vendors, and various businesses. From business trade shows to a wedding reception, each event requires careful planning to ensure successful and memorable experiences. In taking the business online with an e-commerce solution, you can be take on more customers and businesses. There are many components that determine success in this business.

Nav-to-Net™ is a solution that will accommodate a variety of customers and businesses while ensuring all events are executed smoothly. With seamless integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV, you can be confident in knowing what’s going on at all times so you can move quickly to make changes to existing orders. See how Nav-to-Net™ e-commerce saves you time and effort in this industry.

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Food and Beverage

There are many logistical challenges unique to the food and drink business. A time-sensitive business with many different changing components, integration with your Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV system has never been so important to ensure everything runs according to plan. No matter how complicated, Nav-to-Net™ can be tailored so your business can thrive, with control and convenience.

Food and beverage businesses are held to more rigorous standards especially when there could be negative consequences for customers. Real-time stock updates are crucial for time-sensitive items in your inventory. Meticulously managed in Business Central/NAV, it’s possible to keep track of everything and move your stock faster and better. Order processing is optimized due to the seamless integration with BC/NAV. Order-taking and repeat ordering is fast and efficient with process enhancements like standing order guides. For more transparency and to keep customers up to date, ordering routes and shipping and delivery schedules could potentially be available online.

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Horticulture Industry

The horticulture industry encompasses everything to do with growth and cultivation of crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, and various plants. As a business, this also includes selling tools, supplies, and services related to plant conservation, landscaping, garden design, running and maintaining a nursery and more.

When exploring e-commerce options for the horticulture industry, the seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV of Nav-to-Net™ can transform your business and result in increased profitability, better customer service, and improved strategic position, especially if you offer niche products. Benefit from proper maintenance of catalogs and inventory, improved website navigation and search, and support for your extensive dealer/vendor network.

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Jewelry and Precious Findings

You're in the business of creating and selling jewelry, jewelry-making supplies, custom pieces, precious metal findings, and more. From selling finished pieces to end customers or the supplies and tools to businesses to manufacture the pieces, Nav-to-Net™ serves all B2B and B2C company needs with focus on excellent customer service.

An integrated e-commerce solution like Nav-to-Net™ provides a beautiful space to display your precious items, reflecting the look and feel of what you are selling. Integration and customization within the solution allows you to give your customers personalized attention and product recommendations, similar to a physical store. B2B-specific features also help you manage all the details and complex business processes behind the scene while being pleasant and easy to use for customers.

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Lifestyle, Home Furnishing

You’re about improving lifestyles and making it just a bit more beautiful. Your business focuses on improving quality of life and exploring creativity. Reflect this in your e-commerce website by choosing features that enhance a visual shopping experience.

When presenting products that come in different colours, sizes, or materials, take advantage of multidimensional variants. Showcase multiple variants of particular products in attractive matrices and grids. Help customers visualize the possibilities available while managing all of this easily from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV.

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Manufacturing, Logistics, and Distribution

With advancements in technology and the manufacturing industry, it is a collaboration and seamless integration of systems and stakeholders, from beginning to end. Elevating the e-commerce experience starts with simple online browsing and increasing sales through personalized recommendations and promotions to delivering the final product to the end customer and continuing that relationship.

When it comes to manufacturing e-commerce and the logistics and distribution, there is a huge challenge with automation and inventory management. With an increasing number of systems, rules, and constraints in place, Nav-to-Net™ provides these businesses with a streamlined e-commerce solution to match, taking into consideration all the customizations already in place.

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Non-Profit Organizations

The non-profit industry is unique; organizations use their surplus revenues to further their purpose or mission. From community-serving, member-serving (like unions or trade associations), or charitable organizations, they can be supported by an integrated e-commerce solution. If you are in this industry, organizing charities and such, you’ll know that the focus is on the cause. The platform you choose to sell items or raise funds or invite people to events should work seamlessly, efficiently, without costing you unnecessary dollars, time, and effort.

With Nav-to-Net™, non-profit organizations' more complex needs are effectively met. While it can involve product sales, organizations can deal with membership enrollments, event registrations, program support, donations, sponsorships, licensing, recurring orders, member management, and more.

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Office Supplies Industry

The office and business supply industry works hand in hand with the structure of e-commerce. Your goal is to enable other businesses to run faster, better, and smoother; Nav-to-Net™ helps you achieve your goal by making organization, order taking, and customer service a priority. E-commerce also decreases the need for physical stores – this industry has embraced online sales channels, multichannel marketing, and developing loyal online customers through engaging experiences on the webshop.

An integrated solution like Nav-to-Net™ takes your e-commerce to a new level by offering diverse shopping and payment options. A plethora of features facilitate better customer relationship management and Responsive Design provides added convenience.

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Merchandising and Retail

The digital age is the customer’s age; they hold a lot of power with what is now available to them. High expectations are normal in the merchandising and retail sector of e-commerce. Exceed them with a world-class e-commerce solution and provide the highest quality experience while managing all business operations in Business Central/NAV. Nav-to-Net™ is the end-to-end solution that is designed to give you a competitive edge and success with customers.

There are challenges abound in the B2C e-commerce market as customers become more demanding and competition increases. Create a targeted and attractive shopping environment for your customers. Manage your sales coupons, promotions, and corresponding content easily all within Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV. Stand out from the noise and try personalized recommendations to your customers through profile selling with Nav-to-Net™ to increase customer loyalty.

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Sports and Recreation

The sports and recreation industry encourages an active lifestyle, be it through sales of sports and athletic gear, equipment, and accessories or snacks, supplements, memberships to sports teams/gyms, and fitness electronics. Nav-to-Net™ supports both B2B and B2C businesses in this industry with dynamic and engaging e-commerce solutions integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV.

As there is growth in this industry, e-commerce is the logical next step. A feature-rich integrated webshop will serve all kinds of customers, whether they are individuals or businesses like a training facility. The goal is to make it easy to access all the available products, classes, as well as get expert advice. Tackle common e-business challenges with Nav-to-Net™.

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