making e-commerce comfortable for the lifestyle industry

E-Commerce Solutions for Selling Home, Garden, and Lifestyle Items

The home furnishings and lifestyle industry is making the move to the online space of e-commerce. There is a strong push to be online and at this point, e-commerce provides a significant competitive advantage. Customers want things faster, better, and easier – they want to be able to have lots of information at their fingertips. Make it easy for customers to do research, compare product details, create wish lists, and more.

It is important to understand the customer mindset when they are making large purchases like a sofa or dining room table. You’re in the business of creating comfortable and stylish environments for your customers. This could include furnishing a customer’s home for comfort or for staging purposes when looking to sell a house. Perhaps you sell office furniture and strive to create an ergonomic workplace for your customers. From traditional stores to e-commerce, there are a number of challenges to overcome.

The Nav-to-Net™ e-commerce solution helps you create the ideal webshop that addresses customer needs while ensuring smooth business processes. It can help you manage all products, focus on customers, and optimize your whole selling process. Nav-to-Net™ can help strengthen your e-commerce strategy with seamless integration with Business Central/NAV.

Built With Responsive Design

Built with Responsive Design, Nav-to-Net™ enables your e-commerce website to adapt to any device, providing optimal display and performance, whether accessed through a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Be Where Your Customers Are

Unlike a physical store, your Business Central/NAV e-commerce website is open 24/7 and is open to the world. There are now multiple channels to reach your customer base. Browsing happens more and more on mobile phones instead of the computer.

Adapt to Browsing Habits

When buying furniture or similarly larger investment items, there is a longer research process and browsing period. Every time they think of what they want is an opportunity to search something on their phone. Make sure you're not missing out because your website is not mobile-friendly and terrible to use.

Capitalize on Opportunities

Don't lose out to your competition. Responsive Design creates more opportunities to sell your brand and products. Each interaction is a chance to build on customer relationships. Customers can engage with you on their phone the same way they would on your Business Central/NAV e-commerce website.

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator is an exciting new addition to the e-commerce suite that adds personalization where it counts in the overall e-commerce experience. Styles are as unique as the customers themselves. More than just standardized products, a Business Central/NAV product configurator can help create personalized items, whether it be one custom-made product or selecting a furniture package. Streamline the sale of your products by defining customer motivations, interests, finding a starting point, and guiding them through a logical step-by-step process.

True to Digital Vantage Point philosophy, Nav-to-Net™ Configurator is integrated with all Business Central/NAV items, attributes, pricing, and availability. This is especially helpful if you're selling complex products with lots of customizable features. Read the brochure here.


Opportunities abound with Configurator. Show related items to customers as they browse, or present it at the right time within a product configurator. In the context of the configurator, customers are in the right frame of mind and are more likely to be receptive of upsells and cross sells. Sell the matching cushions that go with that sofa!


Guide customers through the shopping process. This feature acts as your salesperson, defining and articulating customer motivations so they make more informed decisions. Educate and engage your customers every step of the way. For example, customers can build their own dining table to their exact specifications in a way that makes the most sense.


There are multiple stylesheets and a user-friendly theme engine to control the look and feel so you maintain consistency with the rest of your webshop. This is all easily set up and built and controlled in Nav-to-Net™. See updates in real-time! React to trends and product changes in a timely manner.

Order Management and Fulfillment

In the lifestyle industry, customers can often make large purchases. When parting with that much money in one go, there is an even greater emphasis on customer care and meticulous attention to the order handing and processing. From the way the order is placed, to payment and shipping methods, to order status, tracking, price and availability alerts (if something is backordered or a customer wants to wait for the annual summer sale). Consistency and reliability are important. If there are multiple channels where the order is placed, including a physical store as well as an online webshop, Nav-to-Net™ merges the systems to ensure accuracy and all inquiries are promptly answered.

Safe and Secure

Always Take Orders™ and SmartPush Technology, exclusive to Nav-to-Net™, ensure those orders are never lost, especially when the purchases are large and expensive. Have peace of mind and know that your customers will always be able to place orders with the correct pricing and availability information.

Process Optimization

With Nav-to-Net™, you have all the tools to meet customer needs including special requests and offering full transparency when it comes to order status and returns. A connected and comprehensive e-commerce solution means excellence at every touch point.

B2B Capabilities

Take advantage of features such as custom product lists, customer-specific pricing, and ordering in bulk. Nav-to-Net™ B2B e-commerce makes management simple, especially with Business Central/NAV-integrated portals for sales agents and vendors. Sales agent portals allow sales teams and representatives to make orders on their behalf, including items that are on the company-wide Wish List. Vendor portals facilitate better communications and allow you to offer a wider range to your customers.