Submission Manager

robust data collection, integrated with Business Central / NAVSee Demo

Expand Customer Connections

Connecting with your customers is critical. You need to make sure you have multiple avenues for your customers to reach you, and to capture important information that you require to operate effectively. Enhance your customer communication while keeping that data in your Business Central/NAV with the Form Submission Generator built into Nav-to-Net™.

Our Submission Manager can build and customize web forms from within Dynamics Business Central/NAV. Whether you’re looking to set appointments, capture new customer information, or allow inquiries on your careers page, Submission Manager is well suited to collect this information and make sure it’s in your ERP, where it can be leveraged.

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Promote More Than Just Sales

It doesn’t matter if your focus is B2B or B2C, your e-commerce website isn’t just about facilitating sales; you have other elements within your business that you need to manage and promote. Nav-to-Net’s Submission Manager is integrated with your ERP and allows you to easily leverage information and make some of these complex business processes a breeze.

Newsletter Requests – Open up the channels of communication and encourage your clients to keep in touch with news and events by registering for newsletter subscriptions or blog updates.

Advertise Job Vacancies – Streamline your career section and make it simple to join your organization. Promote job vacancies, internships, volunteer positions, and other opportunities by inviting candidates to apply online and submit their details for review.

Event Registrations – Invite clients to register online for any special event. If you are going to a conference or hosting a customer appreciation event, new product launch, or training event, the sign-up form is easily created in Business Central/NAV and displayed online, and all this information is safely stored in BC/NAV so you can monitor respondents.

Nav-to-Net™ Submission Manager makes demo request management easySubmission Manager simplifies lead gathering.

Submission Manager in Business CentralManage submissions right in Business Central/NAV.

Facilitate Better Communication

Updates you make in Submission Manager happen in real-time, saving you time and headache. This makes testing different fields, texts, and formats simple. Test submission forms to see which one garners the most leads and is the most user-friendly for your customers. Submission Manager adapts to your business needs.

Account Applications – Invite new visitors to apply for client accounts by completing an application, designed by you, online. All key information is then captured and stored in Business Central/NAV, ready to be processed.

Catalog or Price List Requests – You don’t always know what customers want at any given time. These forms give them choice and accommodate their needs at every stage of the purchase. They can request new product catalogs or price lists by simply plugging in a few details.

Customer Feedback – Looking to get feedback on your products, your customers’ experience, or even your site overall? Submission Manager makes it easy to collect this information, and seamless integration with your Business Central/NAV means you can take action on the insights you glean.

Surveys – You just had an event, and you want to understand your customers’ experience. Or maybe you’re looking to pivot and offer a new category of products on your site. Whatever the reason, you need to be able to quickly and easily survey customers, and capture that data so you can leverage it. Submission Manager provides a quick and easy channel to get answers to your burning questions.

Support Requests – You’ve got an amazingly designed e-commerce site, but sometimes your customers still have questions or need help. Maybe it’s with a new purchase, or some support for something they bought previously. Submission Manager makes sure that you can provide the help your customers need, and it’s all stored in your Business Central/NAV ERP.