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E-Commerce Solutions for the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, companies are faced with several challenges as they transition into an online space. In addition to the move towards digital, there is more emphasis placed on the customer, giving them more access and power. Customers in a B2B space look for their information online while clients in B2C spaces value the flexibility, transparency, and convenience of an e-commerce website. An integrated Business Central/NAV webshop can alleviate many of these industry-specific problems.

Nav-to-Net™ can help you face challenges such as:

- Maintaining brand consistency with customers at all contact points
- Growing relationships with manufacturers, supplier, dealers, service providers, and more
- Harmonizing complex business processes in a dynamic and growing market

Managing Moving Parts

Working in the auto industry, lots of planning has to happen for business to operate smoothly, taking into consideration changing technology, customer behaviours, and several other internal and external factors. Achieve optimum connectivity between your warehouse, logistics, stores, and customers with a seamlessly integrated e-commerce solution. Nav-to-Net™ uses your unique business logic and enhances it. Order management and inventory is simply managed from Nav-to-Net™, minimizing errors, redundancies, and ultimately your costs. A technically sophisticated solution helps you remain competitive and gives you the confidence to respond to whatever situations come your way.

All-in-one Solution


Nav-to-Net™ is a comprehensive solution that has the flexibility and power of many contained in one platform. There is strength in consistency not only in management but in branding. Brand loyalty is important to customers in the auto industry – it’s typically a longer process and the journey they go on requires expert management.


Nav-to-Net™ is a multi-website solution that supports you having as many catalogs as you need to support your business. There are also multi-language capabilities so you can reach a global audience. Maximize efficiency with a B2B/B2C/B2E ready platform all managed in one place. Be consistent in your business operations. See the overall picture and act accordingly with confidence in real-time.


Built with Responsive Design, you can reach your customers on multiple channels, increasing their access and improving your brand image. Have a presence wherever your customers are and never lose a chance to connect through your many contact points. Exceptional customer service can be achieved, and it is all taken care of from Nav-to-Net™.