effective B2B and B2C solutions for the jewelry industry

E-Commerce Solutions for the Jewelry and Precious Findings Industry

You're in the business of creating or selling all things beautiful, sparkly, and precious. This page is about the industry of selling jewelry, jewelry-making supplies, custom pieces, precious metal findings, and more. From selling finished pieces to end customers or the supplies and tools to businesses to manufacture the pieces, Nav-to-Net™ serves all B2B and B2C company needs.

In the B2C sector, you want your website to be a beautiful space to display jewelry and have the look and feel reflect what you are selling. You want to provide the same kind of personalized attention and recommendations to your online customers as you do in a physical store.

For B2B companies, you're selling wholesale precious metal findings, supplies, equipment, tools, and parts. The e-commerce challenge challenge for you is keeping precise control over inventory and the ordering process while conveying quality and customer service to customers.

Categories and Catalogs in Nav-to-Net™

The jewelry e-commerce industry brings together customers, buyers, vendors, and suppliers, allowing them to interact in one place. They can shop for all that you offer, while choosing the way they want to browse. With a virtually unlimited amount of categories and sub-categories, items can be listed under multiple categories. Separate your catalog by categories (necklaces, rings, bracelets), collection, designer, technique, style (statement, classic, vintage), materials (gold, silver), precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires), and more.

Multiple catalogs can also be created for different customer segments, partners, different markets, collections, and more. Managed completely in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV, it makes it easy to target a specific audience to offer them products and pricing that suits them.

Awesome Presentation of Products

Compelling and comprehensive product pages help sell to customers and provide a positive impression. Have a variety of ways to present your products, such as master/child items and multi-dimensional product variants.

Different Facets

Multi-dimensional product variants show the different options available with a particular product in a grid format that is easy to understand at a glance. For example, a ring being sold could have different gemstones and various sizes.

Master/Child Items

Set up item relationships to make browsing a breeze for customers. For example, Gemstones would be the master item. Quartz, Topaz, Amethyst, and more are the child items. You can then go into multi-dimensional variants to further define your items (size, colour, etc.)

Create Better Content

Multi-Line Text Box tool enables WYSIWYG editing so you can create a full and compelling description to help you sell without ever seeing a bit of code. File and image management in Business Central/NAV also helps you display your products to their best advantage. With seamless integration, your content updates in real-time.

Improve Sales and Marketing

Going Global

Expand your reach with an international platform. A multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-site solution helps you reach your true potential in a global market. Maintain your competitive edge and maximize your sales strategy. Save on operational and maintenance costs while catering to a much broader audience.

Responsive Design

Nav-to-Net™ is built with Responsive Design to ensure optimal performance anywhere. Provide a consistent experience and dynamic online presence no matter the device being used. Manage different customer touch points all from NAV in one user-friendly and familiar interface. Customers can look up your products and order from anywhere.

Promotions and Discounts

Experience advanced coupon and promotion management right in Business Central/NAV. Whether you are running a sale on specific tools and supplies or promoting a new jewelry collection, offer coupon codes and discounts with confidence. The sophisticated integration and back-end structure of Nav-to-Net™ addresses common issues regarding coupon control.

Buying Options in Nav-to-Net™

Automated Recommendations

Let customers know which items are often bought in packages and go together with automated upselling and cross-selling capabilities. This can apply to selling jewelry-making tools in a set, related resources like guides, books, training workshops, exclusive events, and more.

Your Regulars

Custom product lists can be created, managed, and presented to regular customers with the usual products that they frequently stock up on or require on a regular basis. They spend less time browsing for things they already know they want and can quickly get what they need.

Different Pricing

This is more common in a B2B environment where the customer goal is to stock up for resale or obtaining the supplies for manufacturing. Offer different sales unit pricing, bulk pricing, and more. Manage this all within Business Central/NAV to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout your e-Commerce site.