Frequently Asked Questions

answering Nav-to-Net e-commerce and MS Dynamics Business Central / NAV questions

Digital Vantage Point (DVP)

What technologies does DVP work with? What does Nav-to-Net™ use?

DVP develops solutions based on various Microsoft stack technology, including ASP .NET, SQL, MSMQ, IIS, BC/NAV Application Server, BC/NAV web services, and others. DVP uses these technologies in Nav-to-Net™ to create a cohesive and comprehensive e-commerce solution managed in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV, exclusively for BC/NAV.

Do you sell Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV?

We do not sell BC/NAV licenses. Instead, we work with several of the best BC/NAV shops worldwide. See our partners here. We work alongside our Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV partners delivering value focused exclusively on the e-commerce side of the project while our partners continue to deliver value on the ERP specific components.

Can I work with DVP directly instead of a Business Central/NAV partner?

Of course! If you already have Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV, it’s not necessary to go to a BC/NAV partner to engage us on e-commerce projects. DVP has a balanced portfolio of direct customers as well as customers who prefer to work with DVP in conjunction with their partners.

What kind of customers do you work with?

We work with all kinds of customers, as long as they have Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or NAV! We have almost 20 years of experience working with B2B, B2C, and B2E companies in a variety of industries. Check out our customer showcase and industry pages for more insight.

What versions of Business Central/NAV do you currently support?

We currently support all versions of Business Central, and NAV 2013 and up. Should you still prefer to work with older versions, we would be able to help. Feel free to discuss your preferences with our sales team.

What kind of customer service do you offer?

We support our customers from the very beginning of a project to post-live services. This includes scoping, diagnostics, design mock-ups, training, implementation, QA testing, data migration, staging, and go-live support. We also have support and maintenance packages available for our customers. Any time after you go live, you can come back to us for additional training and change requests.

How long does it typically take to deploy a solution?

Technically, an out-of-the-box Nav-to-Net™ deployment can be done in a matter of days. Realistically, we expect as little as 4 weeks for a base installation. Customizations and other factors unique to the business affect the time it takes for deployment.

What does a typical work cycle look like?

Once you decide to go with Nav-to-Net™, a typical work cycle goes like this: diagnostic call, scoping and fit/gap analysis, functional graphic design documents delivered, project starts, lab environment created, development starts, staging, user training, data porting, user acceptance training, deployment to production, go live, and any support after the project is delivered.

How much is Nav-to-Net™?

Given the Nav-to-Net™ feature set, it is priced very competitively. There are several license options to fit most needs and budgets. Get in touch with DVP to discuss specifics!

How much can I do (updates, developmental changes) without DVP?

A lot! At DVP we make every effort to ensure that our customers have an enjoyable experience working with their Nav-to-Net™ webshop. The latest release of our business-friendly Unified Content Management System (CMS) and Styler theme builder highlights this strategy. A lot of personalization and branding can be achieved utilizing the above two built-in components in Nav-to-Net™. Nav-to-Net™ is designed to be developer-friendly and implementer-friendly. We have several implementation partners worldwide that can help you as well. Nav-to-Net™ is a multi-tiered software solution which includes UI, data, and functional customization tiers that can be tailored by qualified developers (we offer the necessary training). A developer license for Nav-to-Net™ is now available.

Do I get access to the source code?

Our customers can obtain the source code for the UI, data, and customization tiers of Nav-to-Net™ after participating in appropriate training. Digital Vantage Point’s core intellectual property is written into a base tier which is never shared. However, all base features can be overridden in the customization tiers. A developer license to access customization code tiers is available.


Is Nav-to-Net™ intrusive on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV?

Being built in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV does not mean it’s intrusive whatsoever. Nav-to-Net™ is built in BC/NAV to minimize the effect of the website on overall performance. We have been very careful to balance content management and administration of the site in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV while ensuring that we and our partners can easily implement a solution without excessive merging.

How do you decide what goes into Nav-to-Net™?

These decisions are influenced by our partners and customers as well as studying trends in e-commerce and various industries. For new features, we take into consideration factors like feature dominance, usefulness, practicality, estimated ROI, and “coolness”.

What determines your ability to create new features in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV?

Besides the typical financial commitment required when creating new features, we must first and foremost consider our commitment to the tight integration with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV. Nav-to-Net™ will generally only present a business process or capability to a customer if the exact same functionality exists or can exist in BC/NAV. We also always think of how Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/MAV approaches handling certain requirements and how it affects the internet user’s experience.

How well does Nav-to-Net™ adapt to customizations?

We welcome the challenge of adapting Nav-to-Net™ to your unique business processes and logic. Your company chose the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAVsolution because of its flexibility and ability to customize. Nav-to-Net™ follows the same philosophy. We are always open to helping you create customizations that make your business special and will give you a competitive edge.

Do all projects require extensive customizations?

Not necessarily. Nav-to-Net™ is a feature-rich solution with a variety of add-ons that adapt to several business situations and requirements. The features itself are flexible, powerful, and can be configured to fit your business. Most companies simply don’t need extensive customizations because Nav-to-Net™ already covers a wide array of scenarios. They can also make the solution their own easily, without DVP involvement once the appropriate training is done.

How does Nav-to-Net™ adapt to B2B environments?

Easily! Nav-to-Net™ can be specifically configured to a B2B environment thanks to features like B2B Customer Specific Pricing, Order Guides, Order Approval Workflow, Online Bill Payment, Return Merchandise Request, B2B Online Dealer Quotes, and more. See our licensing packages, brochure, and feature guide for more detail.

How does Nav-to-Net™ integration differ from others?

Nav-to-Net™ is the only e-commerce solution built in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV. When we say seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV, we truly mean it. It is not a connector. Nav-to-Net™ is completely managed in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV. In fact, it’s hard to tell where our solution begins and ends. However, instead of being intrusive, Nav-to-Net™ doesn’t impede anything in your BC/NAV solution, but rather works alongside it.

What payment and shipping methods are supported?

Nav-to-Net™ has flexible payment processing in Business Central/NAV with embedded support for ChargeLogic and, supporting all major credit cards. We also have PayPal integration. FedEx, UPS, USPS, and more are fully supported and integrated with Nav-to-Net™.

Are analytics integrated into the solution?

Yes, Nav-to-Net™ comes with full integration with Google Analytics. The latest version of Nav-to-Net™ also comes with built-in site tracker analytic capabilities so you can gather insight, monitor activities, and take measurable actions to increase order conversion ratio, right from within Business Central/NAV.

How can we include look and feel branding?

Your webshop can be as customized as needed to incorporate all the look and feel elements you require. The latest version of Nav-to-Net™ offers Styler theme builder to easily enhance webshop stylesheets with your desired corporate branding. Nav-to-Net™ is developer-friendly and with the proper training, you can easily manipulate look and feel. You can also work with our team to come up with compelling and user-friendly designs for your websites.

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator

How do I change the look and feel of Configurator?

There is a theme engine with ready-made templates to help customize the look of your Nav-to-Net™ Configurator. It allows you to apply different styles to different levels of your configurator (steps, questions, options). If you require more customizations, we’d be happy to make it as customized as the rest of your site.

Do I need Nav-to-Net™ to use Configurator or is it a stand-alone product?

Currently, you require Nav-to-Net™ in order to get Configurator.

Where does the order go? How is the order processed compared to a regular sales order?

With Configurator, customers can order customized items and packages. The order goes through Nav-to-Net™. There is no difference between this order and a regular order because Configurator is integrated with Nav-to-Net™.

The order always goes straight into a web data holding table located in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV. From there, Nav-to-Net™ can automatically post orders to the sales order table in BC/NAV. From there, you will have the ability to review orders before they affect financial data.