OEM Solution Partners

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OEM Solution Partners for Nav-to-Net™

Our OEM Solution partners have a deep understanding of providing services to their target industries and verticals. They understand their target industry business processes, needs, and complexities very well. They also share a deep understanding of the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and NAV technology. With their expertise and the Digital Vantage Point partnership, these OEM partners have adapted their e-commerce operations to offer highly customized solutions with the Nav-to-Net™ technology. With these valuable partnerships, we are able to provide specialized e-commerce solutions to a number of industries, such as fashion retail, ticketing, distribution, and more.

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OEM Solution Partner Benefits

  • Add new product to your offerings
  • Further establish your identity in your target verticals
  • Joint Product Development Opportunity
  • Better access to DVP technical and domain experts
  • Opportunity to become authorized reseller for CfMD solution

OEM Solution Partners


United Kingdom UK

K3 has focused Nav-to-Net™ on the Retail Market. As a result, they position Nav-to-Net™ in every retail project. K3 has customized Nav-to-Net™ to include some features that they felt, are important to their vertical. Nav-to-Net™ has enabled them to offer a complete, comprehensive, end-to-end, multichannel retail offering including Microsoft Dynamics Business Central/NAV.


North America

BMI decided to leverage Nav-to-Net™ with a focus on the Office Products market. Office Products is a very complex and sophisticated area that requires really strong expertise not only in Business Central/NAV, but in the Industry in particular. Nav-to-Net is customizable, the way it is, to create a multichannel, complete Office Products vertical solution. Powered by Nav-to-Net™, BMI's "OP Revelation" has received absolutely stellar attention and is considered the leading product in North America for office products distribution industry today.


Germany GER

GOB leverages Nav-to-Net™ for their focus on the Ticketing industry vertical where they sell tickets online for events like soccer matches, other sports matches and concerts. In combination with Business Central/NAV, they have customized Nav-to-Net™ to be used in this vertical and as a result have been able to offer a very strong end-to-end, multichannel solution including Business Central/NAV and Nav-to-Net™ for the Ticketing industry.

K3 Business Solutions B.V.

Netherlands NL

K3 advances and adds value to Nav-to-Net™ by realizing a full integration with the solutions Pebblestone Fashion and LS Retail. Nav-to-Net™ enables K3 to offer their customers an end-to-end multichannel solution that supports integration with various Payment Service Providers. K3 supports retail and wholesale customers in their focus markets - Fashion, Living, Personal Care, Hospitality, Outdoor Living, and Do-It-Yourself leveraging Nav-to-Net™.