e-Commerce solutions to help your cause

E-Commerce Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

The non-profit industry is unique; organizations use their surplus revenues to further their purpose or mission. From community-serving, member-serving (like unions or trade associations), or charitable organizations, they can be supported by an integrated e-Commerce solution.

If you are in this industry, organizing charities and such, you’ll know that the focus is on the cause. The platform you choose to sell items or raise funds or invite people to events should work seamlessly, efficiently, without costing you unnecessary dollars, time, and effort.

With Nav-to-Net™, non-profit organizations' more complex needs are effectively met. E-Commerce is more than just the hard-sell. While it can involve product sales, organizations can deal with membership enrollments, event registrations, program support, donations, sponsorships, licensing, recurring orders, member management, and more. Learn more about how Nav-to-Net™ considers all the nuances of your business and provides you with a comprehensive tailored webshop solution for your existing NAV.

Seamless Integration for Better Productivity

Like any solution, your e-Commerce should mean less work, not more. Tight integration to Microsoft Dynamics NAV is at the core of the solution; the technology and automation can greatly increase the productivity of any non-profit organization. The business workings behind a non-profit organization can be quite complex. Business processes and other unique customizations in your NAV need to be taken care of to make sure everything is unified and works in harmony. Website updates happen in real-time so there is never any lag or miscommunication.

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Greater Sense of Security

Customers, donors, partners, and sponsors want to be sure their money is secure and is going towards the cause. Nav-to-Net™ provides online ordering taking and secure processing from anywhere. An online platform reaches plenty of people and Responsive Design allows anyone to view and interact with the site on any device. With an adaptable and fluid layout with the powerful e-Commerce capabilities, it increases opportunities for customer engagement and integrated branding.

Be a Smooth Operator

Get greater visibility over all your business operations. The all-in-NAV interface of Nav-to-Net™ gives you the overall picture of what’s going on day to day, month to month. Integrated with smooth data flow from website to NAV, you are able to see sales reports, customer insights, analytics, invoicing, receivables, order status, and all financial and accounting activities.

Multiple Catalogs

Nav-to-Net™ provides a centralized system and user-friendly and familiar interfaces to manage multiple catalogues, each with their own pricing structures. Customizing your catalogues can lead to smoother business operations and targeted communications to your audience.

Robust Architecture

You may have several systems, offices, locations, warehouses and more to manage. If you experience any growth, Nav-to-Net’s robust architecture is scalable to accommodate any extra volume.

Features in Nav-to-Net™

Shopping Cart Options

The ordering and checkout process can be customized to suit your unique non-profit organization model. For example, if you want to ask for donations, use grant money, or order on behalf of an agency/program.

Submission Manager

Create as many forms as you need for membership registrations, event sign ups, newsletters, event or volunteer registrations, call back services, sponsors, and more. Customizable forms created in NAV let you test the efficacy of them so you can modify the format at any time, depending on time of year, promotion, etc.

Wish Lists and Product Lists

Make it easy for customers to make recurring orders. You can even create custom product lists to show specific customers products that would interest them the most. Easily manage these lists directly in NAV.

Extras That Add Value

Customizations help create a truly tailored solution without being clunky and heavy. For example, your organization administers a variety of grants, including federal, state, and city programs as well as through private funders. Use Nav-to-Net™ to facilitate simpler processes and reap the benefits of a made-for-you solution.

Nav-to-Net™ also makes it easy to define the rules for placing orders so you don’t get a mess. For example, minimum order or certain amount of days required or storage requirements (must be delivered within a certain amount of time).

B2B Capabilities for the Non-Profit Industry

Some important factors to e-Commerce success include the ability to buy in large quantities, repeat purchases, and choosing various delivery and payment options. Nav-to-Net™ B2B provides a portal that adapts to the unique structure of a non-profit organization, whether it be dealing with grant money or agencies or city-run program coordinators. Build strong relationships online using the B2B e-Commerce interface. It doesn’t take the place of the organization but it facilitates better connections and to make it easier to access products, donations, and other services.

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