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There are many practical applications for Configurator, from simple steps and questions to conveying the subtle complexities required of your unique business. What makes Configurator nuanced and intuitive are the core feature and functionalities like simple set up and management, integration with NAV items and attributes, built-in NAV content and image management, customizable look and feel settings, and exclusions.

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator can:

- Visually engage customers and provide more dynamic shopping experiences
- Streamline logistics and delivery of customized products and packages
- Strengthen your sales and marketing strategies
- Educate customers and provide important context for better buying decisions
- Increase selling opportunities, adding to your bottom line
- Save time and resources by being seamlessly integrated to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Click on any of the videos below to get a preview of the different facets of Configurator.

Configurator Videos

Configurator Overview

Nav-to-Net™ Configurator, an add-on to the Nav-to-Net e-Commerce suite, is a guided selling wizard integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The step by step process is managed entirely in NAV and can help guide your customers to better buying decisions while streamlining the sale of customized items.

Customizing Look and Feel

After working hard to create and maintain a specific brand look and feel, Configurator can match the rest of your integrated webshop. Look and feel is easy to manipulate in Configurator without ever touching code. Themes and layout options are updated in real-time thanks to seamless NAV integration.

Configurator Basic Set Up

A product configurator that adds value to your NAV webshop is integrated, customizable, and above all, simple to set up and manage (all within NAV). This video briefly shows you how to create steps, questions, and options and structure your configurator. The simplicity allows for greater flexibility and multiple options when it comes to structuring your Configurator to meet all your business needs.

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