OEM Solution Partners

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OEM Solution Partners for Nav-to-Net™

Our OEM Solution partners have a deep understanding of providing services to their target industries and verticals. They understand their target industry business processes, needs, and complexities very well. They also share a deep understanding of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology. With their expertise and the Digital Vantage Point partnership, these OEM partners have adapted their e-Commerce operations to offer highly customized solutions with the Nav-to-Net™ technology. With these valuable partnerships, we are able to provide specialized e-Commerce solutions to a number of industries, such as fashion retail, ticketing, distribution, and more.

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OEM Solution Partner Benefits

  • Add new product to your offerings
  • Further establish your identity in your target verticals
  • Joint Product Development Opportunity
  • Better access to DVP technical and domain experts
  • Opportunity to become authorized reseller for CfMD solution

OEM Solution Partners


United Kingdom UK

K3 has focused Nav-to-Net™ on the Retail Market. As a result, they position Nav-to-Net™ in every retail project. K3 has customized Nav-to-Net™ to include some features that they felt, are important to their vertical. Nav-to-Net™ has enabled them to offer a complete, comprehensive, end-to-end, multichannel retail offering including Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


North America

BMI decided to leverage Nav-to-Net™ with a focus on the Office Products market. Office Products is a very complex and sophisticated area that requires really strong expertise not only in NAV, but in the Industry in particular. Nav-to-Net is customizable, the way it is, to create a multichannel, complete Office Products vertical solution. Powered by Nav-to-Net™, BMI's "OP Revelation" has received absolutely stellar attention and is considered the leading product in North America for office products distribution industry today.


Germany GER

GOB leverages Nav-to-Net™ for their focus on the Ticketing industry vertical where they sell tickets online for events like soccer matches, other sports matches and concerts. In combination with NAV, they have customized Nav-to-Net™ to be used in this vertical and as a result have been able to offer a very strong end-to-end, multichannel solution including NAV and Nav-to-Net™ for the Ticketing industry.

K3 Business Solutions B.V.

Netherlands NL

K3 advances and adds value to Nav-to-Net™ by realizing a full integration with the solutions Pebblestone Fashion and LS Retail. Nav-to-Net™ enables K3 to offer their customers an end-to-end multichannel solution that supports integration with various Payment Service Providers. K3 supports retail and wholesale customers in their focus markets - Fashion, Living, Personal Care, Hospitality, Outdoor living and Do-it-Yourself leveraging Nav-to-Net™.

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