efficient e-commerce solutions to save time and money

E-Commerce Solutions for Manufacturing, Logistics, and Distribution Industry

E-commerce began as the simple transactions and communication from buyer to seller. Now with advancements in technology and the industry, it is a collaboration and seamless integration of systems and stakeholders, from beginning to end. Elevating the e-commerce experience starts with simple online browsing and increasing sales through personalized recommendations and promotions to delivering the final product to the end customer and continuing that relationship.

When it comes to manufacturing e-commerce and the logistics and distribution, there is a huge challenge with automation and inventory management. With an increasing amount of systems, rules, and constraints in place, Nav-to-Net™ provides these businesses with a streamlined e-commerce solution to match, taking into consideration all the customizations already in place.

Benefits of Integration for Manufacturing e-Commerce

Nav-to-Net™ is a seamlessly integrated e-commerce solution that can be tailored any which way to suit your business. With a massive amount of data to manage and complex systems, you need reliable integration to Business Central/NAV with real-time synchronizations. Here are some of the benefits to expect.

Efficiency with Automation

Automation and improved accuracy in the least amount of time possible create a better experience. Front end customers have an intuitive solution while back-end business users comfortably manage all business processes, run reports, and update content and files in Business Central/NAV. Tight integration with BC/NAV means real-time synchronization and no lost time and effort anywhere.

Increased Revenue

Deal directly to your customers with e-commerce; a capable solution like Nav-to-Net™ allows you to incorporate partners, suppliers, dealers, and vendors into the overall e-commerce strategy, cutting out the middleman. Handle multiple stores, various products and services, and maintain a professional front end no matter what.

Optimize the Supply Chain

You need to simplify management. Whether you are manufacturing or distributing, there are ways to tailor your e-commerce solution. It’s a very complex system that involves many roles, factors, and technologies. An integrated solution fits your needs and streamlines the process, giving you a distinct advantage.