strategic e-commerce solutions for the events industry

E-Commerce Solutions for Event Management

Event management can include anything from managing a venue and coordinating with volunteers, vendors, and various businesses. From business trade shows to a wedding reception, each event requires careful planning to ensure successful and memorable experiences. In taking the business online with an e-commerce solution, you can take on more customers and businesses. There are many components that determine success in this business.

Nav-to-Net™ is a solution that caters to industry-specific challenges such as:

- Accommodating a variety of customers, businesses, and events, and making them all happy
- Executing events smoothly from beginning to end
- Increasing attendance with simple event registrations
- Giving the right amount of attention to each event
- Moving quickly to make changes to existing orders or event details
- Synching data and making sure everyone can see what's going on
- Having systems put in place for administrative tasks, saving you time and effort

Adapting to Variety

Venues can be large or small, come with a variety of spaces all used for different purposes, and sometimes all at the same time. For example, Ballroom A is being used for a wedding, Hall 3 for a business conference, and Outdoor Space for a high school reunion. From setting up booths at a convention to the required set up of a fashion show or charity event, they all require close management so each event can be executed without a hitch.

Your e-commerce solution should be tightly integrated with your Business Central/NAV to ensure your customizations and business processes are connected. Your team is flexible; let your e-commerce solution reflect that. Nav-to-Net™ is B2B/B2C/B2E ready with loads of customization options.

Managing Different Parts - Operations and Logistics

You need a comprehensive solution that take into consideration all your business processes already in place with Business Central/NAV. The day-to-day business operations that take place within your organization are varied, are time-sensitive, and involve activities from many departments.

Quick Changes

Preparing for an event can be a long process; it’s expected that details of the event or customers’ needs will change last minute. With Nav-to-Net™, changes to orders can be made straight in Business Central/NAV. An integrated solution allows you to change gears quickly so there is no lost time. Customers will come to trust that you can handle any situation!

Be a One-Stop Shop

Booking a venue for an event sets things in motion, including arrangement with vendors, caterers, transportation, and more. Each event could have several booths, each requiring specific electrical, A/V, and internet connectivity to meet their needs. Nav-to-Net™ integrates with your existing Business Central/NAV so that everything that comes through the front end can be easily managed in the back end in real-time, with no lost data.

Technical Side Sorted

The nitty gritty parts of your business will not be ignored with Nav-to-Net™. Business processes like accounting and billing are seamlessly integrated. With various vendors and customers, you can accept multiple methods of payment with Nav-to-Net™.

Better Organization for Enhanced Experience

Category Management

Whether by event, service, price range, or vendor, help your customers locate what it is that they need on your website. Nav-to-Net™ allows you to create a virtually unlimited number of categories and subcategories and list items under multiple categories.

Pricing Options

Given the nature of your business, you may offer early bird specials, standard rates, on-site rates, and last-minute pricing to customers. With many events going on, all with different dates, this can quickly become challenging. Nav-to-Net™ can help you manage all aspects so you can keep track.

Customer Accounts

Customers will be able to see their purchase history in real time as well as edit their profile information, including contact information and notifications. Accessed easily from Business Central/NAV, this makes customer account management and building that important relationship simple.

Nav-to-Net™ Features that Add Value

- For customers booking a space, ordering furniture, or requesting other services, you can set up and process easy-to-use order forms.
- Submission Manager in Nav-to-Net™ can be configured so people can register for events, order tickets, receive a call-back, set up an appointment or consultation, etc.
- SEO enhancements and Google Analytics integration allow you to monitor site activities and helps you be more visible for customers.
- Superior content management in Nav-to-Net™ allows you to update events and services, news and announcements, promote new events as they come, and generally make each and every event successful. This marketing effort brings about more positivity and will in turn, bring more business.

Customer Satisfaction with Nav-to-Net™

In the business of organizing and planning events, you recognize that customer satisfaction is reliant on so many factors. Well-crafted item descriptions and any videos or images you provide help provide a 360° view of venue and services, so customers really know what they’re getting. Cross-selling and upselling can help them make better decisions as well as customers may not always realize what they need until they see it. Show related items and accessories, even at the shopping cart stage.

Ratings and Reviews give customers and businesses a voice. Allow them to share thoughts and feedback. This helps you grow as a company and to keep improving but it also serves as social proof for customers who are interested and are doing their research. Read our blog post on social proof.

In providing the ideal experience for customers and businesses, make it easy for them to research. All the information is available on your website, updated regularly, and available in Responsive Design for all viewports. To learn more about Responsive Design, read our brochure.