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Digital Vantage Point strives to be your go-to for all things e-Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We have years of experience in this industry and we want to translate our know-how into easy-to-digest and relevant articles for you. Our blog is the place to find e-Commerce business insight, strategy, practical tips, best practices, and more. This is also the place to go for the latest company and Nav-to-Net™ product updates, such as new releases, features, and customer successes.

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Minimalism and Your e-Commerce Strategy

We take the growing trend of minimalism and apply it to e-Commerce. This means streamlined processes, organized websites, and improved business agility. Find out how you can apply this philosophy and see the business benefits.


Features that Fit Every e-Commerce Business

Your e-Commerce solution should have features that help you emphasize your values and what makes your business special, be it your unique brand and design, efficiency in delivery and service, or your awesome product lines and expertise. Learn about the many features offered in e-Commerce solutions today.


How to Save Time with Dedicated B2B Web Portal

With the fast-paced business landscape and continuously improving e-Commerce technology, we cannot stay still or we’ll fall behind. See how a dedicated and integrated B2B website can save you time in many ways and help you meet your customer’s elevated expectations.


Going International - Is Your e-Commerce Solution Ready?

Customers expect a consistent shopping experience no matter where they are. Globalization is an ongoing struggle for many businesses and e-Commerce adds a layer of complexity. Is your e-Commerce solution well-equipped to adapt to these challenges?


Solution Security for e-Commerce

Solution security is not often on the list of features we look for in e-Commerce, but it is responsible for more than you realize and can affect both front and back end experience. We chat with General Manager Brett and he sheds some light on the subject.


Does your B2B Solution Measure Up?

Rate your solution against this checklist of essential B2B features and capabilities that will give you a competitive advantage and convert your customers. Are you missing out?


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