Advanced Search & Upselling

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Start the Journey Off Right

Your customers often come to your site to find something specific, and you want them to find the right thing, fast. Search within an e-commerce site is, unquestionably, one of the most important things that your visitors expect to work. And not only work, but work in the same way that they behave. So why doesn’t it get the same attention as other facets of the site?

At Digital Vantage Point, we know the beginning of a customer’s journey is key, and Nav-to-Net™ has advanced search functionality to ensure that your customers are sent down the right path, so they get to the right product.

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Beyond Basic Search

Having robust search features on your e-commerce website means you improve your sales and overall user experience by directing customers to what they’re looking for, and doing it quickly. When search is simple, easy to use, and provides the desired results, then it is more likely be used often, leading to your customers spending more time on your website.

Nav-to-Net™ has long had Advanced Search functionality available – allowing your customers to search by Item Number, Product Name, Description, or Category – and combine two or more of these filters. The latest version of Nav-to-Net™ goes even further, with Parametric Search, and our brand-new Attribute Search.

Product Search Ranking – Nav-to-Net’s product search ranking feature allows you to manipulate search results so items, like older or overstock items, can receive better visibility. All without touching code!

Easy Upsells – Associate related items in Business Central/NAV that your customer might be interested in purchasing as well. This encourages further browsing and more time spent in your webshop.

Personalized Recommendations – If your customer logs in, then you know what they’ve been searching and what they’ve been looking at. With Nav-to-Net, you can easily leverage those insights to provide additional recommendations within the welcome page.

Nav-to-Net™ Upselling, right in Business Central/NAV.Nav-to-Net™ Upsells in Business Central

Nav-to-Net™ Parametric SearchNav-to-Net™ Parametric Search

Parametric Search

A guided advanced search that gives your customer the ability to filter their search based on the properties of the item they’re looking for. They simply select their desired properties, and see the matching products in your catalog served up in their results.

Elevate User Experience – Especially useful if you have a very extensive and detailed product catalog, parametric search helps your customers narrow down by criteria, zooming in on the products that meet their exact needs.

Make Your Customer Feel Valued – Essentially another facet of personalization, parametric search leads to greater brand engagement and loyalty. Putting the ball in the customer’s court, you’re allowing them to choose how they interact with your website, and how they will browse your catalog.

Simple Setup - All you need to do is jump into your Business Central/NAV, define Parent Items and their Child Items, define the parameters, and your customers will be able to leverage this tool. It even works with Business Central/NAV variants!

Attribute Search

Nav-to-Net™ 9 has taken search a step further than parametrics and made your customers’ search A LOT more intuitive. Easily set up within Business Central/NAV, all you need to do is associate attributes like colour, material, size, or style with different items in your catalog and watch your customers find what they need – and probably something else too!

Truly Intuitive Search – Is your customer looking for something blue? They simply type ‘blue’ into the search bar, hit enter, and see everything blue in your catalog!

Mimic User Behaviour – Between Siri, Google, and Alexa, we’re so used to just asking for what we want. Let your site behave in a similar way, and allow your customers to enter whatever attributes of a product they need to find it.

Let Them Be Specific - Some of your customers arrive at your webshop with a very clear picture of what they need. Attribute search lets them find it fast.

Let Them Be Vague - Other customers will arrive on your site not knowing quite what they want. Attribute Search lets users search by whatever aspect of the item they’re looking for comes to mind.

Unlimited Number of Attributes - Associate any property of items in your catalog as attributes, and make sure your customers find them.

Weighted Attributes Define Priority - Maintain control of how items are presented in the search by assigning a different weight to the attributes, allowing you to direct your customers to the most relevant items.

Nav-to-Net™ Attribute Search allows your customers to easily find what they're looking for.Nav-to-Net™ Attribute Search Setup

Nav-to-Net™ Advanced Search and Upselling help your customers find what they need