Digital Vantage Point's support services team is available to help you get the most from your Nav-to-Net software. Dedicated to ongoing customer care, we provide access to a variety of support and resource services long after your e-Commerce solution has been implemented.

Our support staff is here to help whether you have questions from time to time; have a technical glitch; lack of
in-house expertise or you may not have used a feature for a while.

Digital Vantage Point successfully helps customers globally to take their business online. The ability to make sure you get timely answers to your support questions is of utmost importance to us. Our Nav-to-Net certified and trained partners compliment our support team and are equipped to offer extended support to our customers globally.

We have a robust integrated support model so that the unique enhancements to your implementation are transparent to our support services team. Our project management team transfers your project information to our support team, post go-live. We also maintain a development environment for customers in a support agreement

You can always refer to our comprehensive End user and Technical user software documentation.

Service Level Agreement

Qualified Digital Vantage Point customers under a current support subscription are provided with a timely response from us according to the following criteria:

1. Site Outage / Orders not being transmitted: investigation within 8 business hours

2. Functionality issue affecting majority of business users: investigation within 12 business hours

3. Sit functionality issue affecting a small percentage of users: investigation within 24 business hours

Support Lifecycle

Digital Vantage Point is committed to actively supporting its current and immediately previous version of products under the subscription agreements. Older versions are supported at Digital Vantage Points discretion. Customers can seek support from Digital Vantage Point for older versions of our products on an as need basis. Digital Vantage Point annually encourages its existing customer base to stay current with its technology via access to current software under maintenance agreements and special pricing on upgrade engagements.

All customers under support agreements are encouraged to submit support requests via email to clientsupport@dvp.net or by client our current support hotline at +1 905 415 8455 ext. 4


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