Nav-to-Net : Truly Integrated e-Commerce for NAV

Nav-to-Net enables business agility through rapid, reliable e-commerce transactions, and is a seamlessly integrated webshop solution designed to leverage the value of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. As a B2B, B2C, B2E ready solution, Nav-to-Net can manage e-commerce websites entirely within NAV and takes integrated e-commerce to a new level with loads of efficiency features, enabling our customers and partners to take their business online simply and effectively.

Nav-to-Net's logical hierarchy based on customers' wants and needs improves the overall customer online experience. With Nav-to-Net, B2B and B2C customers can easily locate products, view prices and information about products, choose payment methods, review return and exchange policies through a user friendly environment. The built-in Document Management tools (in NAV), makes web content management easy. These tools handle all the information that a webshop visitor needs, including text, images or even downloadable file attachments with information like brochures, videos or software.


What are the key e-Commerce requirements and challenges facing the NAV based organizations today?

  • Simple and easy portal management within the familiar interface of Dynamics NAV.
  • Seamlessly integrated webshop with minimal performance issues on NAV.
  • Online business continuity.
  • Easy web content management, reducing imposition on IT and making the website broadly manageable by a typical business user.
  • Reduced training time and costs.
  • Reduced add-on layers, eliminating data redundancy, reconciliation and human error.

Nav-to-Net meets all the above requirements and more that mid-market to small businesses are seeking, from an affordable and quick implementation to a powerful, integrated, all-in-one solution.


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